<b>Don't will it away</b>

No one wants his or her will to cause trouble in the family. And by using the advice in <b>Creating the Good Will: The Most Comprehensive Guide to Both the Financial and Emotional Sides of Passing on Your Legacy</b>, it won't. With years of experience as an estate-planning attorney and now president of a consulting firm that helps families with wills and estate plans, author Elizabeth Arnold has written a comprehensive guide including nuts and bolts information such as what wills and trusts are and how they work. Moreover, she has written a very human book encouraging a process of self-examination including one's hopes in life, values and beliefs and what is wished for loved ones in order to help clarify what readers want to do in their will and why. <b>Creating the Good Will</b> is organized around the seven laws of distribution the people and personality issues that the will should take into consideration. Among the laws: Consider Your Values; Face Family Dynamics: It's Not Just About the Money; Recognize Fair Is Not Always Equal; It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It . . . and If You Bother to Say it at All.

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