Sarah Sullivan's Dear Baby: Letters from Your Big Brother offers a boy's-eye view of life with a new sibling. Letters composed by a boy named Mike to his infant sister Erica reflect young Mike's confusion and excitement as he becomes accustomed to life with baby, learning to share toys, deal with smelly diapers and accept the fact that mom and dad can't spend as much time with him now. Mike's notes are filled with humor, inquisitiveness and, of course, important instructions for Erica: This is to tell you NOT to play with my toys EVER again!! The notes also reflect Mike's pride in the family's new addition: Now I think having a little sister is the best thing that could ever happen to a boy like me. Paul Meisel's appealing illustrations make the story sparkle, and fun visuals like a real birth announcement, an actual sonogram and a fold-out birthday card add a wonderful authenticity. This ingenious little book about family and friendship would be an excellent way to introduce the topic of a new baby to older brothers and sisters.

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