Bob Shea is back with the same energy and humor that marked his earlier offerings, Big Plans and New Socks. This time, he nails the bravado of the young child right on the head.

Nothing can stop Dinosaur, not a pile of leaves, a big slide, a bowl of spaghetti, talking grown - ups or even bath time and tooth brushing. But, when Dinosaur faces bedtime, his energy and confidence are put to the test. The opening "ROAR! I'M A DINOSAUR!" will pull young listeners into the world of this appealing dinosaur instantly. Short red legs propel it to each new challenge and its spiky, white, oversized teeth seem ready for anything. The new reader will cheer along with the joyful "DINOSAUR WINS!" that follows each new success and will grin with recognition at each roar and chomp. Who hasn't seen a youngster brazenly cheer for himself when overcoming an obstacle? A mixture of collage and cartoon - like illustrations gives the book a bit of a retro feel, which will appeal to the adult reader, especially when the dinosaur dons its blue and white striped pajamas.

Repeating phrases, familiar words and universal situations will make this a book that any child will gravitate to and giggle over. It won't be long until the child is reading right along, maybe even by herself. Children who are just about to learn to read need easy text, engaging illustrations and lots of repetition and this hilarious offering gives healthy doses of each.

Prepare your dinosaur voices and exaggerated roars, because this is a read - aloud that children will ask for over and over. When it comes to Dinosaur vs. the mom or dad reader, Dinosaur wins! oRobin Smith is a second grade teacher in Nashville.

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