Discover NFL football It's that time of year. The time that all professional football fans anticipate most of all: September NFL Football season. Perhaps your child is around nine to 12 years old, new to football, and has expressed interest in learning more about it. You've tried and tried to explain why quarterbacks call audibles at the line of scrimmage and how the Chicago Bears won the 1986 Super Bowl with a 46 defense but you're still not getting through to your kid? Here's the solution.

DK Eyewitness Books Football helps anyone (child or adult) discover the world of football, from the history of how the sport began to the ultimate prize The Super Bowl. Created by NFL Publishing and written by James Buckley, Jr., this sharp, colorful, easy-to-read guide gives you information on the teams, from the newly named Tennessee Titans to the legendary Green Bay Packers, and the stars, from John Elway to Walter Payton.

Get the low-down on almost every aspect of football, like the make-up of a football field and the football itself, the history of the uniform, football strategy, the equipment, the officials, the fans, the stadiums, football on TV, and more.

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