You may recognize JoAnne (JoJo) Liebeler's name she's hosted and/or produced several home-centric shows, such as HGTV's Room for Change and TLC's Home Savvy. Her television experience, plus her work as a comic performer and writer, gives Do It Herself: Everything You Need to Know to Fix, Maintain, and Improve Your Home an approachable feel. The book was produced by women, for women! and the author photo shows Liebeler using her toolbox as a pedicure table. Of course, femininity can coexist with construction tools and sawdust; thus, this book is packed with plain talk about everything from radon detectors to replacing a ceiling fixture. And that's Liebe-ler's point: Understanding how house systems work gives you knowledge. Knowledge gives you power. Power enables you to do things on your own and save money. Up-front information about home-improvement endeavors how long they'll take, must-have tools and maintenance gives readers an idea of what they're in for. Liebeler's humorous anecdotes and conversational tone keep things fun and confidence-inspiring.

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