Angela Hunt's Doesn't She Look Natural? is the first of three novels in a planned series. When Jennifer Graham inherits a historic Victorian home in Mt. Dora, Florida, the newly divorced mother of two hopes that this is the answer to her financial troubles. She plans to sell the house and use the money to move herself and her boys out of her mother's home, where she fears they are overstaying their welcome. Upon arriving at Fairlawn Home, however, she discovers that much work is needed before the house is ready for the cutthroat real estate market . . . and that, in addition to being a home, it's also a funeral parlor.

Jennifer must forget her philandering ex-husband; work alongside Fairlawn's current resident, Gerald; avoid fighting with her mother; and dodge small-town gossip, all while suddenly burdened with running a funeral home. Hunt, who is perhaps best known for writing the popular Heavenly Daze series with Lori Copeland, juxtaposes life and death to serve as a point of reflection for her characters, but also to pay homage to the mortician ministry and its effect on loved ones left behind.

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