Ken and Daria Dolan, the creators of the most popular syndicated financial radio talk show in America, cover every aspect of family finance in Don't Mess With My Money: The Dolans' No-Nonsense Lifetime Money Plan. The Dolans, who have been married for more than 30 years, offer smart, easy-to-follow wisdom on 200 topics and they don't hold back their opinions. ("We hate the word ”budget.'" and "We HATE model-portfolio percentages.") The authors reserve special scorn for debit cards: "They should be used only by people who are so undisciplined they can't possibly handle credit cards." Even if you don't agree, the candid advice is refreshing. The Dolans show families how to create a saving "success plan" (the concept formerly known as budgeting) and say both spouses should know and understand their investments. Monthly "board meetings" allow couples to talk about where the money is going and vote on major purchases under consideration. The Dolans have more good tips on bringing up money-savvy kids. They suggest teaching activities and weekly allowances based on age ($3 for ages 6-8 and $30 for 16-19) and cover how to choose and set up tax-deferred college plans.

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