With an estimated one in 10 new mothers experiencing some degree of postpartum depression (PPD), Brooke Shields' candid memoir of her experience with the condition shows just how debilitating it can be. An actress who's been in the public eye since she herself was a baby, Shields takes a brave step in detailing an intensely personal journey in Down Came the Rain.

After difficulty conceiving and a traumatic labor and delivery, Shields fell into depression. Overwhelmed, exhausted and unable to enjoy her new baby, she finds herself wondering why she thought she was cut out for motherhood. Shields is not a dazzling writer, but her simple and honest storytelling is compelling nonetheless. Her gradual improvement due to medication, therapy, time and a network of friends and family is an important primer on how to overcome PPD. As the mother of a nine-month-old, Amy Scribner did extensive personal research for this article.

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