Adam Wasson's hilarious Eats, Poops ∧ Leaves is a must for parents or parents-to-be. Wasson proves himself to be the Emily Post of parenting, except that he's really funny. Just check out the book's subtitle: The Essential Apologies, Rationalizations, and Downright Denials Every New Parent Needs to Know and Other Fundamentals of Baby Etiquette. Chapters include Beyond Aubrey and Ashlee: Naming Etiquette and Avoiding a Bad Wrap: Gift Etiquette. Wasson raises, and answers, the crucial questions, such as what to do if strangers confuse your bald baby girl for a boy or what to do if your baby shrieks at a wedding (this, by the way, is NOT okay). If you are a hip, witty parent, or just think you are, this is the book for you and your parent peers. It makes the perfect baby shower present. Campy illustrations and diagrams accompany the text. Even if you're crying on the inside from sleep-deprivation and new-parent confusion, at least you'll be laughing on the outside.

Katherine Wyrick lives in Little Rock and is the mother of two small children.

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