The unmistakable mystique of the desert is captured in Egyptology, a fun, fact-filled tour of ancient Egypt from the publishers of the best-selling book Dragonology. Set in 1926, this clever volume is presented in the form of a diary written by a feisty fictional figure named Miss Emily Sands. Hoping to find the tomb of the god Osiris, Miss Sands an enthusiastic amateur Egyptologist led an expedition up the crocodile-filled Nile River, only to disappear with her party once they reached the desert. Fortunately, her journal survived. Miss Sands' record of her adventures is a fascinating travelogue filled with incisive observations and wonderfully detailed imagery, as well as local anecdotes and legends that young history buffs will love. Removable maps, postcards and special souvenirs, including a swatch of "mummy cloth" and a copy of King Tut's mummy mask, lend the narrative an air of authenticity. There's also a complete game of Senet, a form of checkers played in Egypt, that comes with a playing board, dice and instructions. The book's seductive gold cover, encrusted with three red gems and the raised image of a Horus hawk, is sure to lure readers. With magical illustrations by Nick Harris, Ian Andrew and Helen Ward, Egyptology delivers the essence of that land the blazing sun, the boundless desert and (best of all!) the endless attraction of the unknown.

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