Let's just start by saying that the latest Eloise installment is NOT for grownups to read to children. So if you're a grownup, stop reading this and hand it over to a child. Assuming this has made it into the hands of a child, the rest of this review is for your eyes only.

Now, dear children, you know that Eloise creates big fun in the grownup world that surrounds her. Eloise's Guide to Life, complete with new Hilary Knight illustrations, will offer you no new revelations. I mean, you all know how to chew gum, keep a suitcase packed in case of a quick getaway, and that getting bored is simply not allowed. But take a good look at the grownups around you do they know these things? Have they ever? To help you reach the grownups in your life, our perennially six-year-old heroine tirelessly took on the task of starring in her own self-help book. Eloise's Guide to Life is a must-have for any child trying to reach the post-pubescent. Adults may need some of the text and illustrations explained; for example, why are paper cups the best way to communicate with Martians? What good is a rubber band on the end of one's nose? These are vital things to know if we (and they) are to remain six forever.

So when I say that the latest offering from Eloise is not intended for an adult to read to a child, it is simply because it is intended for a child to read to an adult. I mean, when it comes to self-help, why wouldn't you turn to the best possible source? Abbey Anclaude is a former schoolteacher.

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