Elvis as you've never seen him before When he was on the cusp of national stardom (the first Ed Sullivan Show performance was only months away), Elvis Presley was photographed by Marvin Israel who trailed the once-and-future-King in Dayton, Ohio, and later, back home in Memphis, for Seventeen magazine. Except for two photos, Israel's shots (mostly candids) have never been published. That is, until now. Elvis Presley: 1956, edited and designed by Martin Harrison, is a paean to the New York School of photography, which means the images are gritty, black-and-white, and cutting-edge. For Presley fans, as well as photo buffs who may know Israel as an artist and art director who teamed with Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon on books and exhibitions, the book's most vivid images are of the young rock 'n' roller emoting on stage. Further proof that there's never been anyone else quite like the King.

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