Imagine that you are a world-renowned supermodel with enough money to buy almost anything your heart desires. Diamonds? A Lear jet? An island getaway? The answer is far more down-to-earth for Bailey Williams, who wants nothing more desperately than a child -- and she is willing to pay almost her last dollar to get one any way that she can. That's how her search for a scientist who can produce an out-of-womb baby begins. It's also the starting point for Charles Wilson to spin an age-old morality tale set against the backdrop of futuristic medical developments. Bailey hires Ross Channing, a Los Angeles bail bondsman who lives in a far different world than Bailey is accustomed to, but that juxtaposition gives Wilson the right mixture of ingredients for his latest medical thriller. Ross finds the scientist for Bailey, and that leads both of them on a trail of excitement, expectation, and danger that will link them for the rest of their lives. The story takes Bailey and Ross from the jet-set world of Los Angeles to the casino-covered shores of South Mississippi, where they find danger instead of the tranquillity of newborn life.

With Embryo, Charles Wilson jumps into the ranks of the best storytellers on the market today. His extensive knowledge of the medical field brings a believability to his novel's cutting-edge technology and futuristic expectations that no other writer in the field can deliver. Back that up with his fast-paced plot and taut dialogue, and you have a book that's worth staying up at night to read.

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