Party guest lists become even more delicate around the holidays, when you don't want to exclude anyone. But what if you simplified the guest list issue, and just invited every person on Earth? <i>New Yorker</i> cartoonist and all-around funnyman Bruce Eric Kaplan answers this question in his entertaining, original and witty <b>Every Person on the Planet: An Only Somewhat Anxiety-filled Tale for the Holidays</b>. Rosemary and Edmund are an average couple who decide to have a holiday party for friends and family. But their guest lists just keeps growing as they think of friends-of-friends and distant relatives in need of invites. Frustrated by trying to include everyone, Rosemary and Edmund decide to just invite every person on the planet. What results is a party unlike any you've ever been to, yet the universal truths remain the same: only eight of the billions of guests who attended RSVPed, no one knew if they should eat before coming or if dinner would be served, and as always, everyone ended up in the kitchen, despite a living room full of space. No matter the size of your holiday party, Kaplan's wise little book will have you laughing and more than anything patting yourself on the back for not inviting every person on the planet.

<i>Abby Plesser lives and works in New York City. She can't wait to go home for the holidays.</i>

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