A regular on National Public Radio's Marketplace Morning Report, Jordan Goodman wants you to know that it's OK to dream big for retirement. In fact, stop reading and take a minute to visualize your best-case scenario. Think golf, grandkids and great vacations. Now ask yourself two questions: When do you want to retire? How long do you expect to live? Those are two big pieces of the retirement puzzle, and Goodman's Everyone's Money Book on Retirement Planning is a good place to start finding the answers. Whether your want to save for your children's college fund, understand real estate investing or create a great financial plan, the six titles in Goodman's Everyone's Money Books series cover a multitude of financial topics in a concise, readable format. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different options for your money, but Goodman devotes each book to explaining a single topic and never sends the reader into information overload. He compiles a great list of resources worksheets, Web sites, newsletters, consumer groups and government agencies to help you put the advice to immediate use.

Do you still have that dream of retiring at 50 and moving to Tahiti? Good, because you'll need it to recover from the shock of calculating how much moolah it will take to finance those golden years. Wisely predicting that most Americans come up short in the saving department, Goodman gives tips for playing catch-up in Retirement Planning. Whether you're self-employed, contributing to a 401(k) ("the greatest thing since sliced bread") or hoping for a pension, you need to understand your choices and responsibilities. If you want to retire in style, dream big and start planning today.

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