Kathleen Kennedy Townsend came of age during an incredible era of social change one that saw the birth of the civil rights movement and the untimely deaths of three of the cause's most prominent leaders. Now Townsend, a two-time Maryland lieutenant governor, offers readers a combination of touching memoir and powerful commentary about the state of American politics and religion in her new book, Failing America's Faithful: How Today's Churches Are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way. A staunch Democrat and member of one of the country's most prominent Catholic families, Townsend admonishes the Catholic Church for losing sight of its commitment to social justice for our nation's children and its poor. Townsend contends that the Catholic and evangelical leadership have chosen instead to focus their efforts and their preaching on highly divisive issues such as abortion and gay marriage. She asserts that fault for the deterioration of America's religious landscape also lies with governmental leaders who espouse those same topics as the basis for their political platforms, while neglecting the primary needs of their constituents and their communities.

Townsend's stirring call to action is juxtaposed with recollections of her experiences as a young girl, witnessing the work of such figures as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as well as her father, Robert Kennedy, and her uncle John F. Kennedy. Though she takes a tough stance on many issues, Townsend's unwavering love for her country and for her church permeates every page of this book, as she encourages readers to thoroughly examine where our nation has been and consider carefully where we are headed.

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