Fat chance: help for healthy living "Focus on permanent, not temporary changes" is the recommendation of Jeffery and Norean Wilbert. "Remember the rule of thumb: Don't do anything on a diet you're not willing to do the rest of your life." This common sense advice appears in their new book, Fattitudes: Beat Self-Defeat and Win Your War with Weight. The Wilberts believe that all too often, those who want to lose weight are their own worst enemy: "Recognize that the universal obstacle to healthy weight management is self-defeating behavior." Their remedy is to learn to recognize and change your fattitude, which they define as a "thought or pattern of thinking that leads to self-defeating behavior in weight management efforts." You may not even be aware that you have a fattitude. According to the Wilberts, an adjustment is probably in order if you're unable to stay on a healthy eating track, if you sabotage your own weight loss success, or if your exercise habits last only a few weeks. In Fattitudes, the Wilberts tackle the complexities of emotional eating, warn you about how certain relationships can set you up for failure, and show you how to establish emotional freedom from the fattitudes that have been at work in your life for a long time. This book will help you find out a lot about yourself and your love/hate relationship with food.

Pat Regel race-walks in Nashville.

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