Still reeling from his mother's death in a freak car accident, Mark Smart loses his college scholarship and his job, and becomes estranged from his indifferent father. Scraping by as a janitor, reeling from the sudden, brutal unraveling of his life, he contemplates suicide until one night his car breaks down outside a coffee shop. Inside, Macy Wood is locking up, but lets Mark in to call a mechanic. Their lives intersect just when each needs it most: Macy is searching for the sister she lost when both were adopted out of a troubled home, and Mark finds himself drawn to this woman whose life is as fragmented as his own.

Though the setup may sound just this side of maudlin, don't be fooled: With Finding Noel, Richard Paul Evans, author of the holiday bestseller The Christmas Box, offers a sweet, simple story that is ultimately an uplifting reflection on chance encounters and what it means to truly forgive.

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