Tired of those seemingly endless, boring counting books? Try this one. At first glance, you might find Five for a Little One typical. After all, there's a little bunny, counting phrases and short, sweet lines. But the book has a modern, fun twist, while still being perfect for bedtime. The basic premise is a discussion of the five senses, but this is not an ordinary preschool litany. First of all, consider the bunny. He's simple and cute without being cutesy and lively, as if he has painted himself on every page and is still swinging that paintbrush. Note that author/illustrator Chris Raschka just scooped this year's Caldecott Medal for his illustration of Norman Juster's The Hello, Goodbye Window and you know you've got an artist whose work is worth savoring. Now take a look at the text, which starts out by discussing smell: Noble nose, sniff and smell./You do it well. Contrast, compare. Sample scents of flowers and foods, oceans and woods. No, you won't get your typical sweet-smelling flowers here. If you know a baby or toddler in need of a goodnight read, pair Five for a Little One with Pat the Bunny for a super combination of classic and modern lit with a bunny theme.

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