For would-be inventors aspiring to follow in Edison's footsteps, there is From Edison to iPod. Written by Frederick W. Mostert and Lawrence E. Apolzon, two intellectual property attorneys, the book is a comprehensive guide to protecting and profiting from your inventions. It is also a quick read, filled with short chapters, sidebars and checklists and illustrated with examples. It's designed for the inventor who is ready to take a product to market. It covers issues such as trademarks, rights of publicity, copyrights, patents and intellectual property rights. Weighty topics, indeed. But the book is written with simple language and humor, making it enjoyable and understandable to even the causal reader. When know-how and creativity come together and you manage to create something of intellectual value, it is a great achievement, the authors write in their introduction. Now let's get down to the business of making sure the rights to your brainchild are protected.

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