London can be a budget-bursting destination, but Frommer's family-friendly London with Kids can take you to Buckingham Palace without breaking the bank. The introductory chapter, How to Feel Like a London Family, is an insider's bible of low- to no-cost activities that will acquaint you with this exciting city and its locals. There's also a best bets section of reasonably priced (plus splurges), family-oriented dining and lodging options. The trip planner segment offers all the what, where, when and how, and features a by-month rundown of kid's favorite events, like the London International Mime Festival and Trooping the Color. The strolls, kid's tours and playground lists are an added bonus, tips to lead you and your youngsters toward fun adventures in the smaller suburban areas beyond big and bustling London proper. Who knows what you'll find maybe Harry en route to Hogwarts!

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