Frommer's nifty pocket-sized Day-by-Day Travel Guides to London, Paris and Rome are deceiving: their stature is small, but they are powerhouses of information for touring three formidable European capitals. Each written by an author with intimate knowledge of her particular city, they include color photos, inside flap transportation maps, telephoning tips, metric conversion tables and a removable city map. This series offers the smartest ways to see London, Paris and Rome, deftly familiarizing readers with each city's broad brush picture, while also giving an insider's peek.

Day-by-Day Travel Guides also offer Favorite Moments lists unique ideas of what to do in the respective city. Rome suggests taking in a soccer game. London showcases bountiful parks and museums and recommends listening to Big Ben strike the hour. Paris reminds visitors to soak up a sunset at the Eiffel Tower. Escalating from mere moments, these books swing into organizational action with bulleted maps preceding chapters on the best day tours, lodging and dining options, outdoor activities, shopping, neighborhood walks (including rest stops), etc. All three guides feature savvy traveler sections with trip planning suggestions, brief city histories, travel resource links and mini language phrasebooks, where applicable. These portable guides will have you zipping about town like a local.

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