Get used to it. For the next 20 years, books on anti-aging will come out regularly. Active boomers may be getting older, but they've never just sat around allowing gravity and the years to take their toll. The Boomer Generation was built on youth, beauty, and activity. Sure, they'll go, but they'll go kicking and screaming and keeping a sharp lookout along the way for anything that'll keep them on their surfboards just a little bit longer.

Before long you may take a good hard look in the mirror and decide to start searching for ways to turn back the clock, or at least slow it down. One of the first books you should read is Gary Null's Ultimate Anti-Aging Program. His recent appearance in the PBS special How to Live Forever was enough to convince many that they can look and feel younger no matter what age they are. Gary Null's Ultimate Anti-Aging Program will show you how to reverse or eliminate menopause, stop wrinkles and gray hair, keep eyesight sharp, improve sexual performance, end fatigue, keep mentally alert, and improve memory. But it does much more. Null begins by showing you how to assess where you are now and how to begin the program. Then he explains the importance of detoxifying your body of the poisons that accumulate and cause it to age. Fortifying your immune system is next, but fortifying it naturally through nutrition and diet is key. You'll pick up useful information about building fat-burning muscle and strengthening your bones, and how to use the mind-body connection to conquer stress, banish depression, and lift your spirits. When you're well into the program, Null continues to guide you with down-to-earth meal planning and gives advice about making choices that will help you stay lean and supple. Appendices contain a helpful section on Specific Applications of Vitamins, Nutrients, and Herbs, and the bibliography offers additional selected reading.

Gary Null, Ph.

D., has authored over 50 books on health, nutrition, and healing, and is recognized for his documentary films and his nationally syndicated radio program Natural Living with Gary Null.

Pat Regel is a reviewer in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

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