Guides for shaping up after the holidays For millions of Americans, the increasing obesity rate isn't just a news story it's a personal matter. And after rounds of turkey, pie and cookies consumed during holiday celebrations, many people put losing weight at the top of their New Year's resolutions. To help out, we've gathered four of the biggest diet books of the year. With expert advice from the authors of these best-selling books, you and your family can be on the road to health and fitness in no time flat.

Advice for teens Adults aren't the only ones at risk of being overweight. Increasing rates of diabetes and heart disease in teenagers prove that they too need to be aware of the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet. Phil McGraw's son, Jay McGraw, takes on this timely topic in his new book, The Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens: The 7 Keys to Weight Freedom (Free Press, $15.95, 295 pages, ISBN 0743257472). As the "teen expert" on the Dr. Phil show and the author of the best-selling Life Strategies for Teens, Jay McGraw understands the specific challenges faced by teenagers. The Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens is filled with the personal stories of young adults who have struggled with weight issues (McGraw interviewed more than 10,000 teens while researching the book). He encourages teens to set goals, avoid "bully thinking" ("I'm a failure," "I'll never lose weight"), choose a fun method of exercise, find a group of supportive friends and family, and think about how changing their environment can change their eating habits. Each chapter highlights one of McGraw's seven keys, and includes space for readers to answer questions and find their own solutions to common weight loss problems. The conversational tone and interactive nature of this sensible book make it a must-have for teens and parents alike.

Doctor's orders Jay McGraw's book for teens was inspired by his father's latest bestseller, The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom (Free Press, $26, 320 pages, ISBN 0743236742). Talk-show host Dr. Phil McGraw applies his no-nonsense attitude to weight loss, reminding readers that losing weight isn't quick or easy. He believes that in most cases, being overweight is the result of lifestyle choices, and that if people are willing to alter their routines to create a healthier lifestyle, losing weight is all but guaranteed. The Ultimate Weight Solution encourages people to take control of their weight with a common-sense approach to portion sizes, exercise and attitude. Dr. Phil promises that a total commitment to all seven keys will lead to success, and hundreds of people have taken the challenge. This inspiring book which claims that willpower and calorie-counting aren't necessary for success is a great guide for those who want to slim down.

Going Greene So you've got the weight off now what? Another Oprah favorite, personal trainer Bob Greene, is weighing in with two new installments in his Get with the Program! series. Get with the Program! Getting Real about Your Weight, Health, and Emotional Well-Being offers indispensable advice on maintaining a healthy weight along with motivational, personal anecdotes from Greene's own clients. Greene divides his plan into four phases, which readers can complete at their own pace. Phase One puts you in the right mindset by changing your attitude about diet and exercise. After you've made your commitment to staying in shape, Phase Two teaches you how to jump-start your metabolism with exercise. Phase Three seeks out the reasons behind overeating and tries to resolve them, and Phase Four unifies the three previous phases, reinforcing what you've learned and helping you step up your exercise and dieting to build muscle. Another excellent resource for people who want to stay in shape is The Get with the Program! Guide to Fast Food and Family Restaurants (Simon &and Schuster, $12.95, 168 pages, ISBN 0743256212). This pocket-sized reference reminds readers of the rules for healthy eating, then lists low-fat menu options at more than 50 chain and fast-food restaurants like Applebee's, Schlotzsky's Deli, McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King. (Here's a hint super-sizing is a no-go.) While that Big Mac is always a temptation, Greene's guide proves that resolute dieters can accompany friends and family to their favorite restaurants without sabotaging their weight-loss goals.

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