Landing that first job can seem as intangible as a medieval knight's quest, especially when 85 percent of entry-level job candidates are poorly prepared for the job search process. In Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World, Lindsey Pollak gives obtainable action-oriented tips versus a step-by-step plan to hone the job-search process. While some tips stick to traditional advice (#80 Buy a Dark Suit), others ask career-seekers to consider what they want from a first job, examine current business trends and think outside of the box (#59 Perform Five Minutes of Stand-Up). With exercise boxes to customize these thought-provoking tips, real-life stories from young people who survived their job searches and an appended list of associations, websites and organizations for young professionals, Getting from College to Career gives college students and recent grads the edge on entering the work force.

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