In the far-future world of Glacial Period, by Nicolas de Crecy, the European continent has iced over and everyone's moved south. A band of intrepid explorers has set out to find architectural and anthropological clues about the frozen continent's vanished culture. Guided by genetically enhanced talking dogs that look an awful lot like pigs, the explorers stumble onto the ruins of the Louvre. Using famous paintings as evidence, they try to piece together a narrative describing the people of Europe. The works of art themselves eventually speak up, correcting and augmenting human interpretation of their significance. Author/artist de Crecy worked in collaboration with the Louvre to create this beautifully painted book an appendix lists each of the works re-created within the comic's panels. Doubling as an analysis of the way images store and transmit knowledge, it's about as high art as you can get in a graphic novel.

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