Goal!, as its subtitle states, is the ultimate guide for the soccer parent; even the most seasoned parents will find it to be a valuable resource and reference guide. This book brims with information on every conceivable facet of the game of soccer, a game now permeating our country at such a rate that it threatens to displace many of the more established and venerable sports in the United States. While relatively new to the U.

S., soccer is the most popular sport worldwide and, as the guide points out, traces its roots back to medieval English village life. With such popularity and global acceptance, one might expect a plethora of books on this subject. Many parents, though, experience difficulty in finding a guide like Goal! a guide that is both comprehensive and easy-to-understand, even when discussing some of the more technical calls, moves, and procedures of the game. Who among us soccer parents has not wondered about offside calls, the dangers of heading, and the myriad acrobatic skills and moves that become necessary as our children progress? Moreover, what about the less technical aspects of the sport, such as how to stretch, what to eat, how to choose a coach, and how to prepare for game day (both as a player and as a parent)? Goal! answers and explains all of this and more in such a way that even a first-time soccer parent will have a clearer understanding of the game and its rules, creating a more positive overall soccer experience. The seasoned soccer parents, who have already learned much of the game via hands-on experience, might find themselves nodding in agreement as the intricacies of the game are explained in such a clear and definitive manner. Then, like this soccer parent, they will eagerly read on both for the reinforcement of what they have already learned and for a more thorough understanding of this amazing sport! Denise and Drew Harris are a soccer mom and son writing team living in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

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