For swingers Quit the nine-to-five job, cash in the IRA, buy an Airstream, and set out to conquer the best public golf courses in the country. Golf Magazine's Top 100 Courses You Can Play by Brian McCallen grows out of articles in Golf Magazine, highlighting the best 100 golf courses that are public and therefore accessible to the reader, regardless of handicap or country club credentials. But these are not the publinx of old where yeoman folk in tank tops walked ragged fairways pulling their bags on carts. These are golf courses almost biblical in their creation deserts have bloomed; swamps, marshes, and prairies have flourished with manicured fairways and sculptured greens. Lavishly photographed, the book encompasses all regions of the country and presents the layout and local lore of each of the courses in loving detail. Recognizing that comfortable accommodations, fine food and drink, and entertainment must sustain the golfer's daily labors, the author describes hotels, resorts, and restaurants that are located near each course. Also, the author branches out and describes other courses in the area that may deserve a try. From #1 at Pebble Beach to #100 at Cordillera, Colorado, and every place in between, you need only an adventuresome spirit and a high credit card limit to enjoy the riches spread before you in Top 100 Courses You Can Play.

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