In their mid-50s, Barry Golson and his wife found themselves between jobs, contemplating retirement. With modest retirement savings, no pension and no benefits, it became apparent that the Golsons would have to leave the New York area and their previous way of life if they were going to have an interesting and affordable retirement.

Gringos in Paradise: An American Couple Builds Their Dream Retirement House in a Seaside Village in Mexico is the chatty and charming account of how they achieved that goal. Golson, an editor for and a former executive editor of Playboy and TV Guide, conveys his personal tale with wit and warmth. It was on a trip to Mexico to write an article for AARP about Americans retiring there that Colson and his wife came upon the seaside town of Sayulita, 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. Though it had no traffic lights, paved roads or ATMs, Sayulita boasted three Internet cafes and a great breakfast place owned by Americans. The Golsons were hooked, bought land and began their adventure.

Gringos in Paradise is an engaging story of a couple building their dream home and living a retirement they love. It reads like a diary about building a new life in Mexico and developing a deep appreciation for the local culture. Golson's descriptions of the sights, sounds and people of Sayulita will make you feel like you're there or wish you were. Ellen R. Marsden writes from Mason, Ohio.

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