There's no need to feel guilty sipping a margarita while sunning yourself if you're reading Hannah Keeley's Total Mom Makeover, since you'll be coming home renewed and ready to follow this fast-paced, feisty guide to female empowerment. Despite the daunting task of being mom to seven children, Keeley's mantra is thriving during motherhood, not merely surviving the adventure. She structures her program in pyramid fashion, with the bottom base being Week One: Starter Mom where exercises are geared to teaching you how to develop a vision, how to make every motion and moment count, how to speak your way to success, and how to develop a winning attitude. Her six-week jump-start program includes steps that will eliminate toxins from your diet, clutter from your home, and boredom from your sex life. Her highly motivational guide is a call to action. Whether playing with your kids or romancing your husband there is no better time than the present. So do it now. At the end of week six, your total mom self will be well on her way to experiencing life to the fullest.

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