With his white beard and twinkling smile, Andrew Weil bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain North Pole denizen. As a doctor, Weil delivers gifts in the form of health and nutrition books, including the best-selling The Healthy Kitchen with former Oprah Winfrey chef Rosie Daley. In Healthy Aging, Weil presents a fascinating, compassionate argument for changing the way we view getting older. In addition to tips for eating well and staying active, he also explores the spiritual side of aging, borrowing ideas from cultures that seem to have discovered the fountain of youth. Okinawans, who have the highest life expectancy in the world (81.2 years), revel in aging and believe that a second childhood begins at 97. In fact, senior Okinawans often proudly introduce themselves by their age. Their secret (which is no surprise) is healthy eating, and staying physically and socially active. Weil combines the best of modern medicine with intriguing ideas, and he delivers a powerful new way of thinking about aging.

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