Capturing the thrills and chills of icy weather, Hello, Snow by Hope Vestergaard is a lively look at the perfect winter's day. This spirited tale, told in jaunty rhymed stanzas, follows the adventures of a young girl who is drawn outdoors after a heavy snowfall. The storyline is classic: after dragging daddy out of bed, the little girl bundles up in a purple snowsuit, bright green hat and matching gloves, and heads out into the invigorating air, greeting nature with a grin: Hello sunshine! Hello wind! Snowflakes tickle on my chin. While Dad, armed with a shovel, does his duty in the yard, the girl and a neighbor lad throw snowballs and build a snowman. Then the sledding starts. The children's brisk trips downhill, made with a little brown mutt on board, result in a series of spills. But nothing can spoil the fun of this special day: Brush the snow off. Hello, friend. Good-bye tears. Let's go again! Bright illustrations by Nadine Bernard Westcott are the perfect complement to these icy events. Bluebirds swoop through each scene, and a striped cat trails along behind the sledders. This is a delightful story that will make readers wish for wintry weather.

Julie Hale writes from Austin, where snowflakes are rarely seen.

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