Anchors aweigh! Have you ever wanted to chuck out all bills, meetings, deadlines, traffic and try a more rewarding lifestyle? One California couple, Eva and Ron Stob, had the courage to do just that, and they've written a guidebook for other dreamers who want to follow in their wake. Honey, Let's Get a Boat . . . explains how the Stobs managed to quit their jobs, put their house up for rent, buy a boat and take off on a year-long cruise through America's Intracoastal Waterway. "Many people talk about following their dreams, and don't," the Stobs write. "We were intent on putting our Nikes on and doing it." With almost no boating experience between them, the couple spent more than a year learning everything they would need to know to purchase and pilot a suitable boat. When they found a 40-foot trawler (which they christened Dream O' Genie), they borrowed money, cashed in their savings accounts, sold their truck and were off on a great adventure. Their 6,300-mile route on the Great Loop took them from Florida to New York, Canada, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway and finally through the Gulf of Mexico back to Florida. The Stobs' entertaining and honest account of this remarkable trip will leave you laughing, doubting, cheering and perhaps inspired to try such a journey yourself.

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