We all know people who are completely, sometimes compulsively, devoted to their pooches. The ones who let the dog sleep under the covers with them and actually encourage those sloppy doggie kisses. For the dog lover in your life, Betsy Brevitz's Hound Health is the go-to resource for keeping pups healthy and happy. It's hard to imagine a canine question that isn't addressed in this well-organized, comprehensive guide. It covers everything from choosing the right breed for your lifestyle to dealing with bad doggie breath to avoiding plants and foods that could be poisonous.

The book includes helpful illustrations explaining common procedures such as cleaning a dog's ears or administering eyedrops. It also lists common ailments for different breeds and explains the symptoms and potential cost of such health problems. Hound Health takes the guesswork out of caring for any kind of dog.

Amy Scribner is a writer in Olympia, Washington.

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