There is an abundance of books about how to find a man, keep a man, make a man happy. But how about a book about scaring a man away? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: The Universal Don'ts of Dating by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long is just that book a welcome, witty antidote to all of those special relationship guides. So how do you send a guy running scared? Well, for starters, call him constantly. Ask him if he thinks you're fat constantly. Never refer to yourself in the first person. It's always we. Even more hilarious than these don'ts are the stick-figure drawings that accompany them.

Now when you make him that mixed tape with all of your songs on it, and he flees the scene, you'll know that it wasn't just that Celine Dion tune that made him amscra.

Katherine H. Wyrick, editor of BookPage

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