<b>What's new in getting old</b> Not many Americans have missed the message that retirement now means a Jupiter-sized nest egg, a fourth or fifth career and purpose-driven leisure. That pressure takes its toll on the collagen, but Mark Victor Hansen (co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) and beloved 94-year-old TV host Art Linkletter ( Kids Say the Darndest Things! ) tout 60 as the new forty and implore baby boomers to think outside the casket in <b>How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life</b>. Longer and healthier lives mean a new set of expectations and challenges, so the duo urge readers to refire instead of retire and sage instead of age. These inspirational quips ( don't regret, re-great! is another) and obvious recommendations ( maintain vibrant health! Defy expectations and have a hot sex life! ) get a bit old, so to speak, but the pair also inject some literary Botox into many myths and misconceptions about aging to smooth away worry, and offer some unusual ideas to ponder. The controversial calorie restriction approach to longevity is interesting, along with their advice on unleashing your innate creativity or inner Grandma Moses, and becoming a seniorpreneur to stay solvent, keep the synapses firing and stave off Alzheimer's.

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