Of mice and men Editor's note: Each month we see lots of books. Some of the curious arrivals are featured in this space.

The dark. War. Tornadoes. All are common fears experienced by both young and old. But what about ski wax? Pumpkin carving? Daytime? If you're running out of things to fear since the fall of the Iron Curtain, fear no more . . . well, until you pick up a copy of Melinda Muse's latest book I'm Afraid You're Afraid: 448 Things to Fear and Why. Alphabetically, Muse lists people, places, events, activities, and objects and why there is cause for alarm. Be prepared for a whole new crop of urban legends to erupt based (right or wrong) on many of Muse's findings. Fraidy-cats, lily-livereds, and spineless wimps can now rejoice, for this book gives them the power to say, See? I told you so! Miriam Drennan (mouse and proud of it)

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