<b> I'm Not Scared </b> <b>I'm Not Scared </b> insists Baby Owl in Jonathan Allen's newest offering of the same name. In this sequel to the humorous and satisfying <i>I'm Not Cute</i>, Baby Owl is out for a late-night stroll with his stuffed owl doll, Owly. He meets various animal friends who, upon seeing his frightened eyes, keep assuring him, It's only me . . . what are you doing out so late? Despite Baby Owl's raised, terrified eyebrows, he retorts, I'm NOT scared! I'm an owl, and owls stay up all night! When Papa finds his son, Baby insists that it's his doll Owly who is scared, and Papa knows just the right thing to do. He gives Owly <i>and</i> Baby Owl a big hug and a favorite story before tucking them into a warm bed. Your little Baby Owl will love this a perfect bedtime book.

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