There are only seven chapters in this little book by Andrew Norriss, one for each day of the week. On Monday, Archie witnesses—and becomes involved in—an extraordinary chain of events that is truly hard to believe. A piano rolling down a street trapping a girl inside a car is only the beginning, but none of it seems to phase Archie one bit. As he tells the girl, Cyd, once she is freed, this kind of thing happens to him every day.

Curious, Cyd asks to tag along the next day and see what other crazy things will happen. This is fortunate for Archie because it turns out that Cyd is very helpful in sorting out the mess these wild events engender. After six days of getting in and out of scrapes together, Archie and Cyd must wrestle with one final nutty Sunday.

I Don’t Believe It, Archie! is full of illustrator Hannah Shaw’s funny pictures. The whole story reads like an extra-long comic and is just as quick and fun. Young people who cannot quite read the book themselves will appreciate this one being read to them.

Jennifer Bruer Kitchel is the librarian for a pre-K through 8th grade Catholic school in Nashville.

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