<b>Knocking on heaven's door</b> Roger Housden wants you to consider sin in a whole new light as a means toward enlightenment! In <b>Seven Sins for a Life Worth Living</b> Housden presents erudite, witty essays on seven so-called transgressions sensuality, foolishness, ignorance, imperfection, uselessness, ordinariness and prodigality. Touting a pleasure principle over a punitive path to happiness, Housden argues that joy can lead to the upwelling of the human spirit, which always lives and breathes beyond the confines of right and wrong. There are no case studies, success stories or how-to exercises in <b>Seven Sins</b>. Instead, we get the author's personal reflections on modern life, sprinkled throughout with apt, wide-ranging references and quotes from philosophers and poets, scientists, political figures, artists and literary greats. This book is a subjective prescription for happiness, an utter delight, filled with Housden's trademark self-deprecatory humor and slightly offbeat insight. You probably won't see hell if you read this book, but you just might catch a glimpse of heaven.

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