The title of Larry Winget's new book is a clue that he isn't your ordinary touchy-feely motivational speaker. It's Called Work for a Reason! Your Success Is Your Own Damn Fault is a follow-up to the bestseller Shut Up, Stop Whining &andamp; Get a Life. Starting to get the picture? Winget, the self-described pit bull of personal development, starts off by warning readers that parts of his book will make them mad, and sure enough, it's not a lot of fun to be called a slacker. But it's hard to argue with the logic that working hard and achieving great results will lead to greater success. His simple, no-holds-barred take on business is refreshing no sacred cow is left standing and his clear sense of personal integrity and ethics are a much needed refresher in today's business climate. Stephanie Gerber is a marketing executive in Louisville.

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