Best-selling author Terry McMillan (Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back) fell asleep during her own high school commencement speech, so when she was asked to speak at her son's graduation in 2002, she wanted to make sure to say something original and inspiring. McMillan thought back to her college experience, and came up with 12 things she wished she had known going into it. Her speech was a hit, and she expanded it into book form, adding 12 more tips to create It's OK if You're Clueless: And 23 More Tips for the College-Bound. In addition to the title tip, McMillan tells students not to listen to their parents ( you can't live out their dreams; you have to find your own ) and that life should be an adventure ( Do everything you can to make your life the most unforgettable experience, so that . . . you won't have a million regrets, but memories you might want to share with your kids someday. Or maybe not. ).

It's OK if You're Clueless is a quick, light read. The short explanations of each tip manage to be inspiring without crossing the line into schmaltzy, and are seasoned with humor and honesty. Put simply, this is a gift that a parent or grandparent can be happy to give and that a graduate will also be pleased to receive.

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