Just Beyond the Clouds is a glimpse of love from different angles. More than anything else, widower Cody Gunner mourns his late wife Ali and loves his brother Carl Joseph, who has Down syndrome. When he takes time off work to visit his family, Cody discovers that Carl Joseph isn't quite the same: He knows the bus schedules, has table manners and is learning life skills at the local Independent Learning Center. Troubled by his brother's joyous conviction that he'll soon be living on his own, Cody confronts the clinic's director, Elle Dalton. The overly protective older brother advocates for Carl Joseph's removal from the clinic, but Elle's faith in her students and their development as well as her beauty does not go unnoticed by Cody, who feels disloyal to Ali. Karen Kingsbury is a prolific and best-selling author in the Christian fiction world, and her simple, romantic stories keep readers coming back for more.

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