Being a mother’s helper is going to be a breeze, or so young Grace Stewart believes, until she actually meets four-year-old Lily—a little French visitor to her neighborhood. While the tutu-wearing toddler isn’t exactly terrible, she does try Grace’s patience.

But while Grace can’t seem to keep up with Lily’s unicorn-riding and jelly-doughnut-eating antics, she knows just who to call as her replacement. Grace’s best friend, Mimi—who soon will have her own little sister—is dying to take on the role. There’s just one problem: Lily sticks to Grace like peanut butter, but she treats Mimi like cold spaghetti.

As Grace summons her self-proclaimed superpowers of empathy, she is practically bursting with excitement as she concocts a surprisingly super plan to a) make Mimi happy again, b) make Lily like Mimi, and c) get everyone’s world back to “normal.”

In this sixth installment in the Just Grace chapter book series, Charise Mericle Harper once again hits high notes and proves herself a master of tweendom. Her casual language, cheeky attitude and punchy delivery are spot-on, and her playfully comic drawings (complete with word bubbles) add to the book’s pacing and flair. Grace is consistently funny, thoughtful and engaging: just the kind of BFF any girl would want.

This entertaining entrée into the world of chapter books will leave young readers laughing, pondering and eagerly anticipating Grace’s next adventure.


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