If your pet, like many, displays a host of annoying habits, then it's time to teach that pesky pooch some new tricks. Filled with innovative training tips you can implement yourself, Kathy Santo's Dog Sense: Everything You Need to Know about Raising, Training and Understanding the Dog in Your Life can help you guide your pet onto the path of improved behavior. A familiar face on NBC's Today show, Santo is a New Jersey-based dog trainer who works with more than 100 animals each week. With this invaluable book, she reveals her secrets, offering sympathetic and compassionate advice in chapters focusing on commands, equipment, etiquette and specific behavior issues. Yes, there is hope for that seemingly irredeemable dog, and Santo offers it here. The concerns she covers in the book include incessant barking, begging, digging, aggressive social behavior and the canine tendency to chew on (only) valuable items. Spend some time with Santo, and she'll help you get to the bottom of your pet's problems.

Julie Hale's dog, Howdy, who was rescued from a shelter, is still working on the basics of sit and stay.

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