Hand your troops a copy of Kidding Around Nashville: What to Do, Where to Go, and How to Have Fun in Nashville, and let them plan the itinerary. This is just one of the 18 John Muir guide books to American cities geared for the hands and minds of most six to ten-year-olds. They blend facts and fun to make cities interesting, accessible, and safe for the youngest citizens. The print is large and unintimidating, the tone friendly. Children will be drawn into chapters with names like: "Animals, Animals," and "Let's Eat!" If you are traveling in any of the cities, you'll find that clear maps, fun facts, and puzzles will add to the new city adventure.

Author Tracy Barrett and her children help young readers discover the real reason Nashville is "Music City U.


A." They can lead you to the best kid-approved Nashville cuisine and the Parthenon all in a day. Walk the Tennessee maps at the Bicentennial Mall and visit the farmer's market next door. While you're in the neighborhood, turn around, spot the state's capitol, and read about its history. Flip to the back for Barrett's calendar of events or jump-start your journey with coupons for the Nashville Toy Museum or the ante-bellum Belmont Mansion. Reviewed by Anna Claire Straughan.

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