The vast spaces and close confines of the Grand Canyon, from rim to canyon floor, are given their due in Lasting Light: 125 Years of Grand Canyon Photography. This book, made all the more beautiful by author Stephen Trimble's words, is an homage complet to a much-loved space one that is imperiled by an excess of visitation and environmental pollution.

The Grand Canyon has been explored and photographed since the mid-19th century. Lasting Light faithfully chronicles the photographers, their photographic technologies and their artistic visions from the early expeditionary years to the middle, more iconic (in terms of photographic innovation) times, through to the large field of contemporary photographers still mesmerized by this mysterious and challenging geography. From the Kolb Brothers to Eliot Porter to Jack Dykinga, each photographer and their unique interpretation of the canyon's features are included. This collection is a superlative explication of America's very own world wonder. Alison Hood was formerly a National Park Service Ranger at Muir Woods and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

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