Money is never just about money. There's always an emotional component to it, representing our fears, desires and doubts. In Master Your Money Type: Using Your Financial Personality to Create a Life of Wealth and Freedom, Jordan E. Goodman helps readers discover their dominant money values, attitudes and behaviors and discusses the emotional baggage standing in the way of improving one's finances. Host of the radio program The Investor's Edge and a regular contributor to American Public Media's Marketplace Morning Report, Gordon is also the author of two previous best-selling books, including Everyone's Money Book. In Master Your Money Type, he contends that there are six money types, and that readers can work within their type to take action and change what's preventing them from doing better. Each chapter opens with a type profile and its particular strengths and weaknesses, followed by case studies and recommendations on making emotional and financial path changes that will help readers develop successful strategies to an improved financial plan. The book also includes easy-to-understand cash flow/asset and liability worksheets, quizzes and monthly budgeting worksheets.

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