Two lonely souls find each other during the holidays that's the age-old premise of Emma Chichester Clark's Melrose and Croc: A Christmas to Remember. Croc has come to the big city in search of Santa Claus, but he arrives at the department store too late to see the big man in red. Meanwhile, Melrose, a yellow dog, has just moved into town and feels so alone that he hardly wants to celebrate. These two characters run into each other literally while ice skating around a giant Christmas tree. They decide to spend Christmas at Melrose's new place, and all of their problems are solved.

Clark writes a simple but sweet story that young children will enjoy. Her lovely and lively illustrations radiate the subdued simplicity of a gentler time. Clark's text and tale are just right to help calm excited little revelers and remind them of the true meaning of Christmas: sharing with friends and family.

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