Imagine a place where it's Christmas every day.

What could be better, right? Actually, it's bor-r-r-ring! That's what little Noelle has discovered in Merry Un-Christmas by Mike Reiss, illustrated by David Catrow. Noelle and her family live in Christmas City, Texmas, where Christmas is celebrated 364 days a year. Every morning it's time once again to open the presents, kiss the relatives and eat a huge dinner. And little Noelle has a garage full of new bikes and a whole backyard full of ponies. Thankfully, the family looks forward to that one day of the year when it's not Christmas Un-Christmas. On that day, the decorations finally come down and the kids get to go to school! This is a delightfully clever story with right-on text and fabulous illustrations by the always hilarious David Catrow, whose wide-eyed Noelle reminds me of Dr. Seuss' Cindy-Lou Who. Merry Un-Christmas is definitely the new holiday favorite at our house.

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